May 22, 2020

Basic Computer Security Tips

The most basic and important thing to be aware of in network security is using the most current virus protection software available. Unfortunately, some anti-virus software still do not protect users against the most basic virus infections. Such infections will not give a computer user any problems, but they can slow down the system dramatically.

Therefore, one should be aware that free virus protection software is not good enough. In this regard, it would be advisable to use paid anti-virus software because it will stop the infections from occurring in the first place.

Windows XP has its share of problems, so it is best that it be used in the beginning when a PC is still new. It is important that the computer be kept up to date with latest software.

As part of basic network security measures, users should ensure that the firewall is set up properly. This is a setting that is usually found on the computer setup menu and needs to be checked.

It needs to be set up to allow or block all traffic coming into the computer. Users should ensure that all email attachments are encrypted, and all files are protected using AES 256 encryption. It is also recommended that the users disable file sharing in order to prevent individuals from accessing the emails or files of others on the network.

Every router on the network needs to be properly secured. Therefore, this needs to be done before the computers can be connected to the Internet. The routers need to be monitored for any suspicious activity, and the user needs to manually configure the settings of the router to be able to access the Internet.

Each computer should be configured to use only approved security tools. This means that the system should only run on a system that can be trusted.

It is also important that the security and integrity of a network are reviewed periodically. If it has been too long since the last review, then a virus can have the opportunity to enter the network.

Antivirus software has become an essential part of security measures, because it is an excellent defense against viruses and other malicious programs. Users should be sure to make sure that they are running the most recent version.

It is also important that users change the passwords on their accounts on a regular basis. It is possible that someone might be able to gain access to these accounts without a password.

Users should also pay attention to when they are giving out passwords. It is best that they are difficult to guess, especially if the accounts are in the public.

Users should also be aware that it is impossible to stop threats completely. There are many free programs on the Internet that offer the same protection as commercial products, but there is always a risk that they will become infected with spyware or adware.

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